The Immorgamsics Gambit

What is The Immorgamsics Gambit?

The Immorgamsics Gambit is a screenplay my brother Mike and I started writing a few years ago. We based it off a series of room escape games created by Patrick Majewski. These games are titled "Trapped", "Pursuit", and "Escape", and we tried to make the screenplay as close to the original games as we could. However, because we felt that the games told an incomplete and potentially confusing story, we also added a backstory for before the first game and a filler story for between the first and second games.

Isn't that plagiarism?

Not at all. Patrick is allowing us to make the movie, and although we had started working on the script long before we recieved an affirmative answer from him, we weren't going to publish it without his consent.

What is The Immorgamsics Gambit about?

Because we tried to make the movie as close to the games as possible, the basic plot of the movie can be surmised by playing all three games. However, since many people don't have the patience to find the right hotspots, there is a link at the top of the screen where a complete plot synopsis can be found.

EDIT: Since starting Script Frenzy! 2010, The script has been added to to be more of a feature film. The new version will include most of Patrick's ideas and my new ones that takes care of all the loose ends, as well as a special appearance of one of Patrick's other games.

When can we expect The Immorgamsics Gambit to be released?

That depends on several factors, the biggest of which is the number of character roles that still need to be filled. As of right now, only two positions are filled, and many more need actors and actresses. The next factor that will affect the release date is whether all the technical work will be finished quickly enough.

In other words, you need help from others to get this project off the ground.

Exactly. This seems like the perfect time to give a shout-out to everyone who might be interested in acting in or helping with this production. If you want to act, even if you have never acted before, I encourage you to contact us. We may be contacted through the "Meet the People" link at the top of the screen. If you want to act, please contact Mike. If you want to help with technical aspects, please contact Rick. If you would like to act and help, you may contact either Rick or Mike. When you contact us, please write in you e-mail any previous experience you may have had or what part you would like to try out for. There are a lot of roles, many of them minor, that need to be filled, so any interest would be greatly appreciated.

Why is there a cross on the website's heading? From what you've said so far, The Immorgamsics Gambit doesn't have Christian themes.

True, we haven't mentioned that one of the themes of The Immorgamsics Gambit is Christian-related (other than the mention of a Bible on the plot synopsis page). However, Patrick feels the need to increase the amount of Christian themes in his animations and games. So, to honor his decision, we decided to increase the number of Christian themes in The Immorgamsics Gambit as well. However, that may not be as possible as we hope. So, as well as increase the amount of Christian themes in The Immorgamsics Gambit, we are currently working on a sequel script that will have more Christian themes than The Immorgamsics Gambit.

During Script Frenzy! 2010, I have been able to increase the Christian themes in The Immorgamsics Gambit, including a large section that focuses on Mickey, the designated Christian of The Immorgamsics Gambit.

A sequel? Do tell!

Unfortunately, saying that we will do a sequel depends on the success of The Immorgamsics Gambit, our ability to successfully merge Christian themes with other themes from The Immorgamsics Gambit, and if Patrick finishes the next three games in the "Trapped" series soon enough.  However, I will give a basic plot that I've constructed so far.

The sequel, The Island, is what happens after Dan McNeely gets out of the safe (see the "Plot Synosis" page for more info) on an island. This is based on what Patrick mentioned on when he decided to create a fourth part of "Trapped". However, that was all I had to go on, and consequently I didn't get very much to go on. However, I thought of a dream I had many years ago where a ship wrecked on an island inhabited by someone crazy. From there, I had something to go on. Stay tuned to the News in the future for more information.